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Homewood loses its longtime librarian 

Denise Graham, who started her career in the Carnegie Libraries of Pittburgh as a part time cler in the Homewood Branch and rose through the ranks to run the branch for the last 18 years as its manager, is retiring Sept. 2.


Graham talks about her years of service and said the first thing she is going to do is sit in her backyard with a novel. Then she is coming back to the library as a volunteer reading buddy to help foster adult literacy. 

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Homewood celebrates 55th Harambee festival

Most For just one weekend in August, Kelly Street in GHomewood became Black Wall

Street. Vendors sold produicts they made, some that were sewn, and others that they were reselling, like any other stores. There was food, clothing, accessories and notions, all sold by Black business people. The Grand Marshal of the accompanying parade was Bagumba Lowrey, who was one of the founders of the event.

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Clinic reaches out to those at risk of monkeypox

Allies for Health + Wellness has been vaccinating men who sleep with men and women who are sex workers for monkeypox. The clinic is also diagnosing and treating active cases of the virus. This lates virus, whihc is hitting squarely in th egay community, brings the clinic back to its roots. Allies started as the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force, helping the gay community when other providers turned theor backs.

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