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Disability access is the topic of a city "town hall" 

Pittsburghers with disabilities met with Mayor Gainey, City Council members and key members of the city administration to talk about the issues they experience accessing sidewalks, businesses and even parks.

Paul O'Hanlon said the city's building inspectors refuse to consider handicapped accessibility when issuing an occupancy permit on a newly renovated building.

“The process of licensing acts of disability discrimination is itself an act of discrimination,” he said. “PLI seems to think the ADA doesn’t apply to it.” 

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It's skating season in Pittsburgh 

The Hunt Armory is open to the public for ice skating on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. and the Schenley Park Ice Rink opens on Monday, Nov. 28 for the season. Both rinks have sessions for hockey and for learning to skate.

Adminssion to the armory is $10 and skate rental is $5. At Scheley Admission is $5 and skae renal is $3.

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Neighbors ask the city to pause intersection changes 

In a city of confusing intersections, the intersection of Beechwood Boulevard with South Dallas Avenue and Beacon Street stands out as one of the worst. Motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians who venture through have to have a high tolerance for risk to journey through at all. As the Fern Hollow Bridge is getting readied to open, the city's Department of Mobility and Infrastructure has proposed left turns from Beacon or South Dallas and right turns off Beachwood onto South Dallas. Neighbors have started a petition to put those changes on hold.

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Squirrel Hill remembers -  October 27 marked 4 yeras since the mass shooting at Tree of Life synagogue claimed the lives of 11 worshipers in the three congregations that were housed there. KIn a commemoration ceremony the families of the victims lighted candles in their memories which burned throughout the service.

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