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Fox family adopts historic home - The Neal Log House in Schenley Park became the areas most visited home when every other attraction was shut down. It is surrounded by a fence, which kept the fox kits safe from the visitors. Find out more about what's happening in the East End by picking up Print at one of our retailers. Never miss another issue by subscribing to Print today.

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Public Schools forced to become cyber schools

The switch from brick-and-mortar schools
to remote education has not been a smooth
pivot for the Pittsburgh Public Schools.

It took the administration more than five
weeks to resume classes for students and even
two weeks after classes started, the district did
not have a tally of how many of the 23,000
public school students it is reaching.

See the full story of how in the May 14 edition of Print which was co-published with the Pittsburgh Current and is on the Current website.

Local businesses listed below

Print ran a list of businesses still oerating in the East End during the shiut down and how to contact them. That list is below (with the information on The Food Shoppe corrected)

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COVID-19 brings out the installation artists

Chalk had been the main medium for art during the pandemic, but on Woodwell Street in Squurrel Hill landscape architect Natalie Plecity has been working wonders with marking tape.

Street signs, utility poles, downspouts and plant hooks have all become anchors for the streamers of tape.

When the wind blows on Woodwell Street, the tape can be heard flapping. Joggers running along Dallas Avenue have been seen
to veer off course and turn onto Woodwell to run among the colorful streamers.

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Plus . . . The primary election will be held June 2. . . .  Whatever happened to Jolene Millinery? . . . And our regular features: School Lunch Menus, What's Happening in Our Community, the Police Crime Blotter, Sudoku and Crossword Puzzles.

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