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PITTSBURGH CELEBRATES A 70-DEGREE SATURDAY IN JANUARY  -   Blue Slide Park was packed with children who were using cardboard on the slide instead of sleds on the hill, including Neko Wallace, 3, of Swissvale, who headed down the slide with
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After years of raising the roof, AAMI needs a new one


Pamela and Dr. James Johnson, Jr. have been together for nearly half a century and for 37 of those years they have been teaching music to children and adults at the Afro American Music Institute.


The building, which they moved into in 2003 is the former U.S. Post Office on Hamilton Avenue in Homewood. The roof is about the size of a football field and needs to be replaced, a job that costs about $50,000. The Music Institute does not have the money and is seeking help to keep the doors open and the music playing.

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Groups plan a Westinghouse Park master plan

Westinghouse Park, which was once the estate of George Westinghouse Jr., was dedicated 100 years ago last year. Now residents are looking to bring the park into its next century in part by building on its past, such as this derrick that once graced Westinghouse's front lawn.

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Whatever happened to . . .

Irene Marchbein Dress Shop?

This week Jan Kurth looks at Irene Marchbein Dress Shop, a store that sold upscale women's clothing on Fifth Avenue in Shadyside.


Irene Marchbein, like the rest of her family, was born in Romania. She was the first member of the family to arrive in Pittsburgh in the mid-1920s but then moved to Toronto, Canada. Other members of her family settled in Pittsburgh and she joined them in 1941. The store opened sometime in the early 1950s.

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